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Who Wants to Know/

Who Wants to Know?

You can’t go home again …


A tragic loss has Vicky Hurley Walker moving back to the New York neighborhood of her youth to make a fresh start for herself and her three boys and to make a long-held family dream come true.

Vicky’s bounced back from sorrow before, and this time will be no different. Besides, her sister needs her help.

… Or can you?


After losing her way in life, Margy Hurley also returns to the old neighborhood—and to the place where she got her start—to open her dream restaurant, a place that will feel like family.

If only it weren’t for her sister. Vicky has a history of stealing what belongs to Margy. But Margy is not about to let that happen this time, not with her bistro.


It’s all over the neighborhood…


Al Romano may not be the kind of guy who gets the girl, but he is the kind of reporter who gets his story. Now he’s got hold of one that’s sure to restart his stalled career.

When Al turns up in the old neighborhood to unearth details of the fateful night that blew up Vicky’s world, things get complicated. Soon Vicky is cooking up a plan to reunite former teen sweethearts Al and Margy, but once Al follows his own heart, his reputation—not to mention the sisters’ fragile bond—are on the line.


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