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Little Gray Dress

Book Review: Little Gray Dress

Blogger turned author Aimee Brown turns out a shimmery Little Gray Dress



Readers may already be familiar with Aimee Brown as a blogger (“For the Love of Chick Lit,” formerly “Hello…Chick Lit”), book reviewer and promoter. The romantic comedy Little Gray Dress marks her debut as an author.

It tells the story of Emi Harrison, who has avoided her ex-fiance, Jack, ever since their crushing breakup two years ago. When she’s forced to see him again at her brother’s wedding and sets out to prove she’s over Jack, nothing seems to go right for Emi unless she’s wearing her favorite frock.

First things first. Full disclosure: I’ve used Brown’s promotional services for authors and have contributed guest posts to her blogs. When she offered me an advance review copy of Little Gray Dress, I happily accepted and was curious as to whether this blogger and reviewer could write. (Hint: If you’ve read her blog, you know she’s got a good, strong voice!)

Clearly Brown has taken notes on all those books she’s had to plow through because LGD hits the right ones of the genre. There’s the less than conventionally beautiful heroine, the fraternal twin siblings, the heart-stoppingly handsome (and rich) ex, the formidable might-have-been mother in law, and even the old “but he cheated…”

However, the author manages to tweak enough of these standbys to deliver surprise after surprise. This, coupled with brisk pacing and clever use of Emi’s romantic history will have readers anticipating each new chapter.

If there’s one thing I wish LGD had more of, it’s character growth. This is a fairy tale read and you’ll have to suspend disbelief over how some events could possibly ever happen, but escapism is part of the charm of this genre.

And fans of ultra-romantic HEAs will love the ending.

Little Gray Dress is published by Crooked Cat Books and is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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